Coaching testimonials

"I am a user experience designer working in the tech sector.

I have been working abroad for the last few years, and having just had a baby, my wife and I wanted to move back to the UK to be nearer to family. I wanted to find a job that would progress my career and give me creative freedom to tackle large design problems.

I was concerned that my interview technique needed to be improved, especially to build confidence in articulation about my skills and capabilities.

I found coaching with Julia helped me to understand myself more and helped me articulate where I saw my strengths. Julia helped me think through my ideas so I was able to express myself much more clearly with more confidence.

I would definitely recommend Julia as she has a skill of bringing out what people struggle to sometimes articulate about themselves and build confidence with thought through statements in advance."

"I got to work with Julia as I was in urgent need to enhance my communication skills. In my day to day role, communication is one of the few levers I have available to collaborate with my colleagues and clients who work and/or live in different countries. At the time, the struggle I had with my communication both verbal and non-verbal, impacted my ability to be authentic and creative. I became extremely aware of the areas of improvement and that made me become quiet in meetings or reduced the collaboration, both so important in my work. Julia managed to unpick my challenges just after a 2-min presentation that she suggested I prepare for our first session. As a result, she defined an accelerated 6-session programme that targeted not only verbal but also non-verbal skills. We not only worked on tactical adjustments to the gestures or tone of voice, but we were also able to identify triggers that were more deeply rooted psychologically. I was extremely impressed with the impact of her lessons - I use the tips and techniques learnt every day. Thank you so much Julia for your partnership in such a critical area!"
Christina D

"Life Coaching with Julia was an empowering experience. When I began Julia was keen to understand the motivation behind my retirement plans and understand my values. Julia listened to me and made me feel very central to the process. Once this was established Julia then set a positive and caring environment for our sessions. She was wholly encouraging about my ideas but questioned my self-imposed limitations. Julia was not afraid to challenge my long held and unhelpful beliefs. Julia left me with some great tools to continue exploring different areas in my life.I am positive about my choices but also now know I am capable of changing paths if this is needed. Thanks so much Julia!"
Heather, General Practitioner (2021)

“Thank you! You’ve taken the lid off me!”
R.D (2022)

Julia’s “…intelligence, broad life experience and incredibly positive attitude shine through all of our sessions”

Julia “ brings great humanity and kindness to this work, always making me feel understood, appreciated and supported, whilst moving me forwards”

"I am a Research Scientist, and I came to Julia with the aim of improving my confidence at work. Throughout our sessions, we covered several areas, including public speaking and communication with colleagues. ..Julia used a particularly effective question-answer approach, where she would present well-considered questions to help us both understand my motivations and internal barriers, and this in turn would often lead us to appropriate goals and solutions. I’ve found Julia’s coaching incredibly helpful and I feel like I’ve taken away so much from our sessions. She is full of good suggestions, and with her background in music performance, lots of really valuable advice on self-confidence. Throughout the coaching, I really felt that Julia was 100% invested in me. Thank you so much, Julia!"
Caroline Roberts, Research Scientist, Cancer Research UK

"I’ve been working with Julia over the past few months and have found the experience invaluable in terms of identifying priorities, challenges and solutions…. Her intelligence, broad life experience and incredibly positive attitude shine through all of our sessions. We work over the phone (rather than Zoom – my preference!) but I can feel how carefully she listens and how considered her questions and suggestions back to me are. She brings great humanity and kindness to this work, always making me feel understood, appreciated and supported, whilst moving me forwards in terms of improving the ways I am managing my time, activities, and interactions.

I would recommend coaching with Julia for anyone who would like to consider where they are and how to get to where they may want to be. Coaching is not easy, but equally, under Julia’s guidance, it is not difficult. She moves at a pace that you set together, and is flexible in terms of what you are feasibly able to manage between sessions. I know that once I complete the course, I will often recall her words and her belief in me, and make better decisions and plans as a result.”
Isabel Hopkins, Market Research Consultant

Singing teaching testimonials

"I was told independently by two musician friends that Julia was an exceptional teacher and they weren't exaggerating.  She hones in on what needs to be sorted out and somehow finds ways of getting sounds out of me I didn't know I could make.  Julia is a natural teacher and I feel very lucky I'm able to have lessons with her.'’
Jeremy Rouse M.A. Cantab. FRCO, Bedford School

"Having never had a singing lesson, and not done any choral singing for over 20 years, I had started to think I had left it too late to resume any singing at all. After 15 minutes, Julia had me reaching notes I had never thought possible. Having intended to have 6 lessons, I carried on for two years! Julia is professionally rigorous yet endlessly encouraging..."

“Hi Julia, I’m back in Australia now and just like to say thank you so much for your last minute help with singing lessons in late November. I am pleased to tell you that I did make it into the course. Out of the 2000 people that auditioned, I got into the 24 that made it and start the 3-year course in late January.”
Ryan Morgan, successful entrant onto Musical Theatre Vocational course, Australia)

“As a teacher myself, I know how much pleasure there can be in knowing how one's teaching has opened a door for someone. So I'd just like to say thank you for helping (my son) in that first step. You unlocked a voice that seems to be one which people really enjoy very much indeed. And you've contributed to him being in a wonderful place in every sense.”
Sue S, parent of a former pupil as her son takes on his debut performance as a professional singer

Julia is an absolute inspiration and I always leave her lessons with so much to think about. Coming from a background of extensive choral singing, I came to Julia having sung alto in choirs for over 20 years. I had recently been accepted into a choir as a soprano and felt I needed some guidance to help my voice adjust to this new register.  Julia was excellent, giving outstanding technical advice in a way that is clear and helpful.  Julia is kind, warm and encouraging and an excellent teacher of singing.”
Hayley Hind, piano teacher and choral singer

“Julia is an inspiration not just to younger singers. In a very short time, she has got to grips with all the bad habits I have accumulated over many years of choral music, and shown me how to extend my beloved singing into my dotage.”
Martin Herrick, experienced choral singer and retired doctor

“Dear Julia, I accompanied one of your pupils yesterday. She made quite an impression on us at her performance, with her deeply emotional and expressive singing.  Being a teacher myself, I can imagine how proud you must feel to work with such young talented people like her. I just wanted to express my congratulations to you too. She sent me enough shiver down my neck while we rehearsed!”
YS, piano teacher & accompanist, Cambridge

“As a parent I feel incredibly lucky to have Julia Caddick teaching my daughter how to sing.  She is incredibly passionate about music and this enthusiasm is transferred to her pupils. My daughter has been taught by Julia for the past year and is usually incredibly shy in these 1:1 situations but Julia's sunny and positive manner put her at ease immediately and she looks forward to her weekly lessons."