Creative Brains Coaching

Whether we exercise our creativity in science, tech, business or the arts, those of us with ‘creative’ brains have our own way of doing things. When we are in full flow, we can be intuitive, instinctive, quick and brilliant. But we also sometimes get a bit stuck. Sometimes the simplest of things just seems to overwhelm us. We know it shouldn't be like this, but the feeling of overwhelm can be really debilitating. I know this feeling. "It takes one to know one", as they say. I am a creative, and well versed in the challenges that are particular to creative brains.

As a coach, my work with Creative Brains is different from the more directive ‘professional presentation coaching’ that I do. This coaching is more reflective, and personal to your creative life. Coaching as a process is an inspirational one. It empowers you to deal with your own challenges and overcome your obstacles. I use an active listening and laser questioning approach in this coaching.  This listening/questioning approach helps you to reflect on your experience,  and find your way forward. The way you find will be at one with your core values and your sense of purpose in life, because it springs from the essential you.


What kind of challenges can my coaching help with?

It’s a given that as a creative, there are some things you’re just brilliant at! But sometimes you may:

  • Find it hard to work out which way to go next, when your talents and skills bring so many options
  • Be wrestling to get your ideas into a shape that can be shared with others
  • Feel overwhelmed by the practical and mundane things of everyday life, maybe one thing in particular
  • Be good at starting, but not finishing
  • Have difficulty dealing with a particular person in your day to day life
  • Experience Imposter Syndrome

As a creative brain myself, I recognise these challenges and I have experienced many of them. As your coach, I don't give you the answers - I walk alongside you, reflecting back to you what you share of yourself, and through questioning, assist you in finding the answers. This process can be as transformative as we allow it to be.